Develop your private brand without having to invest in large infrastructures and staff

With Noritex, you can establish your private brand efficiently and cost-effectively. We leverage our 40 years of expertise in brand development to increase your profitability and save you time and resources. With a vast product selection at your disposal, you can build your brand without the need for significant infrastructure or staffing investment.

Get these benefits and more

Efficient Inventory Management

Our model enables high product turnover. By purchasing smaller quantities per product, you can rotate merchandise faster, ensuring your stock is always fresh and relevant.

Trend-Conscious Collections

We keep pace with the latest market trends. Every quarter, we launch new collections that reflect the latest consumer behaviors and preferences.

Financial Flexibility:

We offer interest-free financing for 60 to 90 days, giving you the flexibility to manage your budget more effectively.

Convenient Dispatching

We offer direct dispatches from China or Panama. Use these locations as your extended warehouse and ensure your stores are always stocked.

Guaranteed Quality

Our products are of high quality, and we stand by this promise with our comprehensive quality guarantees.

Sellout Support

We provide support at the point of sale, helping you to effectively sell the merchandise.

Expert Advice

Receive guidance on product purchasing, helping you make informed decisions that align with your business objectives.

Streamlined Purchasing

Buy from our pre-vetted suppliers who are known for their high quality. Our digital, organized platform makes the purchasing process simple and efficient.

Brand Positioning

We adhere to your brand guidelines in all aspects, including cost, design, and product labeling, ensuring your brand's integrity is maintained.

Product Differentiation

Stand out in the market with our wide range of exclusive and competitive products, designed to give your brand a unique edge.


Home Decor

Partner with us to create a compelling home decor brand. By working with Noritex, you gain access to thousands of products, constantly updated to reflect the latest trends and consumer behaviors. Stay ahead of the competition with our extensive product selection and market insights​.

Our categories

  • Home Decor
  • Back to School
  • Activewear
  • Christmas Decor
  • Textile
  • Religious Figurines

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