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We are experts in empowering private brands for over 40 years. Maximize your profitability, save valuable time and resources. Unlock a perfected product that reflects excellence and accumulated knowledge. We guide you to make your brand stand out with a unique identity, leveraging customized solutions and differentiated strategies. Join our family of satisfied customers and together build the success of your private brand with decades of knowledge.

Home Decoration

Transform your home decoration products with our wide range of accessories and items that add a unique and special touch to every space. From the living room to the dining room, our designs imbue quality, style, and trend.

Christmas Decoration

Bring the magic of Christmas to your sales points with our Christmas decoration, which will transform your offerings into charming seasonal experiences. We offer a variety of Christmas products that meet the highest quality standards.


Our sportswear offers quality and style at attractive prices for your market. We keep an eye on the latest trends and design products with the modern woman in mind, looking for comfort and style.

Sport Accessories

We combine style, beauty, and functionality in our sport accessories, from functional equipment to yoga and recovery items. Our bags and backpacks are designed to make life easier and more comfortable.

School Supplies

We offer a wide range of school supplies, including backpacks and lunchboxes designed to become favorites of parents and kids. Our constant innovation ensures we always have the right solution for you.


Our office offering includes a variety of products that help organize and facilitate for users. Our stylishly designed agendas, created for modern life, feature fashion-forward designs that every woman and man seek.